Do you listen to the people?

It’s days like this that I’m ashamed of working in the media. As much as most news organizations claim to be non biased, that’s clearly not the case — especially when Mayor Rob Ford is running the show.  Certain news programs seem to take great pleasure in reporting the Mayor’s failures, incluidng this whole subway vs. LRT debacle that is unfolding today.

The real problem is none of the news outlets are listening to the people. Instead they are pushing their anti-Ford agenda. This is amusing considering a great number of their viewers rely on public transit and would prefer subways. I’m personally agreeing with the pro-subway folks. In a city of this size, underground transit makes sense. It’s a smarter long-term investment.

What I found interesting is that both CityNews and CP24 had on-line polls up today asking people what they really want. The results are clear. Continue reading

The stadium formerly known as SkyDome

Hard to believe it’s been seven years since Rogers Communications ruined a Toronto landmark by purchasing SkyDome and changing its name. Granted, if I spent $25 million on a stadium, I’d want my name all over it too. But did they have to incorporate the word “Centre” after their own name? It makes the once-great Dome sound like a strip mall anchored by a video store. (interestingly enough, there is a Rogers Plus store attached to the south side of the stadium now. I’m not sure if they rent videos.)

It was often said that the reason Rogers didn’t call it RogersDome was because they were worried that people would drop “Rogers” from the name when talking about and simply call it The Dome.  And like I said, for $25 million, you want to make sure they say your name.

I remember the cry that went up from not only fans, but also the media about how ridiculous the name change was.  Funny how the folks at Citytv – themselves bought over by Rogers in 2007 – no longer have anything to say about that. I, like most people, hate the new name and refuse to use it.

It will always be SkyDome to me, or simply The Dome. Still to this day I call it that when telling people where I’m going to watch a ballgame or identifying the second most recognizable landmark in the city. When I first came here in 1997 it was one of my favorite places in the city, and not just because it hosted WrestleMania. There was just something simple, yet impressive about it.

And the name, as we all know by now, was great too.

Yes, please fire Ron Wilson (and Brian Burke too.)

I normally don’t pay attention to the CityNews polls on their web site, usually because they are most always something sophomoric aimed at their viewers —  you know, the same people who actually line up overnight for Viewer Appreciation Day. (I wish I was making that up.)  But the featured on Friday, February 24 was the best poll question they’ve had in recent memory. And the results that had come in so far were also awesome.

The question is simple: Is it time for the Leafs to fire Ron Wilson?

In the wake of losing seven of their last games, I would say YOU BET YOUR SISTER’S SWEET ASS IT’S TIME TO FIRE HIM. (Except that wasn’t an option… so I had to vote “YES”.)

One has to wonder if Rogers (owners of Citytv and co-owners of the Toronto Maple Leafs along with Bell) are putting their feelers out to Leafs Nation to see what people think. Fans must wonder how can the most profitable hockey team in the entire NHL can let this continue.

After 45 years of not winning the cup and having their last playoff appearance be in 2004, you’d better believe it’s time to clean house. And not just with Ron Wilson. General Manager Brian Burke needs to go too. Maybe the G.M.’s view isn’t so good from way up in the Gondola above the Air Canada Centre, but the view (and the stench) from ice level is pretty bad. Something needs to be done.

No more contract extensions, no more excuses, just bring down the axe and bring it down hard.

Adam Giambrone was no Hans Gruber

If you’re in the public eye and suddenly one day you decide to do something that will turn people against you, then you should really go all the way.  No half-assed efforts allowed in this day and age. Go big or go home.

And look no further that one of the best villains of all time; Die Hard‘s Hans Gruber.

Hans Gruber was a ruthless, yet classy son-of-a-bitch who had little or no regard for human life.  He was ready to kill 40 people in a roof-top explosion just to get away with tons of cash. Hans was so cold-blooded that when Bruce Willis’ character begged him to stop firing missiles at an LAPD tank, he responded matter-of-factually “Thank you, I’ll take that under advisement” and then proceeded to fire again.

Now that’s a bad-ass.

Adam Gimabrone was a screw-up.  When he suddenly did what in the wrestling world is refereed to as a “heel turn” (going from being a good-guy to a bad guy) he couldn’t even do that right. As we all know by now, after announcing he would run for mayor, it was exposed that he had cheated on his girlfriend with undergrad Kristin Lewis.  This of course all on the heels of being an inept Toronto Transit Commission chairman.  All fodder for becoming classic a villain and telling the world to suck it. This was suddenly his chance to step up to the plate, stop being an incompetent , clueless person and grab the city by the balls. (Metaphorically, of course.)

But no. That didn’t happen. Instead, during a press conference where he expressed his sorrow for his actions in a performance that even Mandy Moore would roll her eyes at, he hung his head in shame. That was it. He blew his chance to give a middle finger to the world and say “You never took me seriously, so now you can all ride my rocket!” Or something like that. (I offer my services as script-writer to anyone interested.)

My only guess is he decided to bow out and hope that people forget about what he did. But that won’t happen, now will it? The damage is done, so you might as well own the moment and ride it out for a long as you can.

On the other hand, Rob Ford is going down to Gruber-Town these days with his “you never go against the family” approach. Firing TTC boss Gary Webster because he didn’t agree or side with him. Now THAT’S how you turn heel. All that’s missing now is a great catch-phrase, an evil laugh and maybe a cape.

New coffee haunt

After being in Toronto for a decade, I feel I need a more “local” coffee shop to hang out at. You know, because being a trendy hipster is what I’m aiming for in this life. And what is a trendy hipster without a cool coffee shop to call my home away from home?

I’ve been doing the Starbucks thing for years. So much so, that I’m surprised there isn’t an imprint of my ass in a couple of the comfy chairs at the store near my house.  But I wanted to branch out from the mermaid and see what else was out there.

Aroma, a coffee shop I had only heard about in passing from a few friends, recently opened a location at The Shops on Don Mills. The location is small, but useful if you’re looking to run in and grab a latte to go. (But good luck finding parking. In their attempt to create an “urban village”, Shops at Don Mills has lived up to expectations of a real city by lacking available parking near every single store I want to go to.)

I’ve also tried Dark Horse Espresso and really liked that too. I find leaving my little world of North York and venturing into the big city, lands me at places I either knew existed but never tried, or brand new places that are just waiting for me to go inside.

Either way, armed with my tools (iPhone, laptop, other gadgets and devices) I’m on the hunt for a new haunt.  Suggestions are always welcome.

I would be a better TTC chairman than Karen Stintz

I was pleased when Karen Stintz was named chairperson of the Toronto Transit Commission. I figured, finally a woman is going to get things done and clean up the mess that Adam Giambrone made.  And at first, it seemed as if she really cared about her job.

But after going against the mayor push above ground LRTs instead of subways, it seems she has made some enemies – namely the Ford Brothers. And can you really blame them for being pissed? After all, Ford hand-picked Stintz and she turned around and stabbed him in the back.

But she did that because she knew her job was safe and there would be no repercussions. Ironically enough, because of a ruling that Ford voted for!

I still think that when you spit in the face of the man who gave you a position, you should step down. Especially considering that it’s now clear you have your own agenda  you want to push. (And possibly a run for mayor in 2014?)  That’s why I feel I would be a perfect replacement for Stintz as chairperson of the TTC.

Think about it; I’m tall (5’10”) so you will always see me at press conferences. I’m well spoken and for the most part, I dress nicely. (Although I can’t promise there won’t be days that I don’t stumble into City Hall chambers in sweat pants.) I think I could find a compromise between subways and LRTs that would make everyone happy. (I do have plenty of free time on my hands and I admit to drawing a few dream maps of the TTC network using Microsoft Word.) And I have red hair. What better marketing tool than a redhead pushing the Red Rocket?

And why not install someone who is NOT a city councillor as chairman? Give the job to a citizen of the city who actually uses the TTC and can offer a real, everyday persons’ opinion on how to improve things. We could do worse. When you think about it, we already have.

Adam Gimabrone has some big balls

When I first heard that disgraced former city councillor and transit chairman Adam Giambrone was writing an article for Now, I figured he was finally publishing one of his sex stories.  You know, detailed accounts of his romp with undergrad Kristin Lewis in his office. After all, I’m willing to bet that since the back pages of Now are filled with sex and hooker ads, an article about Gimabrone cheating on his girlfriend (and trying to write off dates using his city expense account) would be a perfect fit.

But no. Instead, Giambrone decided to write an article about Mayor Rob Ford. He wrote some drivel back in January,  and now a follow up on how he is “committing political suicide“. And since the graphic school grads at Now have a fetish for Photoshop (remember the photo last spring of a almost naked Rob Ford?) they have a picture of Ford with a gun to his head.

I find it somewhat ironic that Gimabrone, who had to drop out because of his affairs, thankfully ending his run at the mayor’s office, is in ANY place to write about other people committing political suicide. (Then again, I guess he knows best.)

I, like many, had hoped that after being shamed out of politics – at least for the foreseeable future – that he would crawl under a rock and stay there. But sadly no. He continues to put his face out there, as a commentator on Sun News, occasionally on CP24 and writing about how people don’t like Rob Ford.

I’ve always believed that unless you are squeaky clean, you shouldn’t be telling others how to live their lives and what to do.

the eaton centre cinemas

Since I’m feeling all nostalgic these days, I figured I would walk down movie theater memory lane again. As I mentioned in my post about the Sheraton Center 2 cinemas, during my infamous six month stint in 1997, I remember going to as many movies as possible.

My movie outings were a great source of entertainment and I firmly believe the cinemas back then were much better than the eye-sores of today. (Yes kids, there was a time when a cinema that had nine screens was considered a mega-plex, there wasn’t a laser light show in the lobby and there were no crappy spaceships hanging from the ceiling over the candy counter. Hard to believe, I know.)

One of the first movies I saw when I moved here was Bean: The Movie. I had been a fan of the TV series while in college, so it seemed logical to see the feature film. I decided that the Eaton Center would be the theater I would watch it in. The film was passable, but what stuck in my mind was the cinema.

Keep in mind, at the time the  Eaton Center was one of the largest cinema in the country. It had somewhere between 18 and 21 screens at any given time (Yes, the number changed depending on the renovations. You can read about it on if you want.) And it was the FIRST multi-plex in the world.  But the kids of today wouldn’t even know it existed because Cinepelx Odeon abandoned the cinema in 2001 and it has since been torn down.

Yes, it was crowded, the rooms were tiny and some parts of it looked like the stuff nightmares of made of. I remember I was wearing blue PVC/vinyl pants that I had bought from either Stitches, Sirens or Le Chateau and thinking I would rather pee them than use the restrooms. But it was a piece of history.  And now it’s nothing. (Yes, you read that correctly. Blue vinyl pants. It was the late 90’s. Deal with it.)

I find that very typical of today’s big companies. They forget where they come from and what made them who they are — even if what made them was a less-than-perfect cinema on the corner of Dundas and Yonge, buried almost underneath the Eaton Center.

Now with the new AMC next door and the Scotiabank a few blocks away (see the part about eye-sores and crap hanging from the ceiling) all old cinemas are gone from the downtown core. I still think it’s very important to remember history, especially of something so pivotal in the development of modern day cinemas. Would it kill Cineplex Entertainment to put up a plaque commemorating the old cinema? It could read:

On this spot between 1979 and 2001 was the Eaton Center Cineplex Cinemas. At the time, it was the largest cinema in the world and the first-ever multi-plex.It helped build the Cineplex corporation into what it is today.

I’m sure with ticket prices averaging at $14 a shot, Cineplex could more than afford that sign.

yes, it’s hot. we get it

It must be either a slow news day or local media are going for the quick and easy sell. As temperatures here in Toronto reach the 95°F mark, every major media outlet from CTV to Global and the even The Toronto Star and Toronto Sun are jumping on the “it’s hot outside” bandwagon.

Naturally there are the expected side stories about ways to keep cool, how your pet feels the heat, if you can cook food inside your car and how air conditioning units are selling like – pardon the pun – hot cakes.

While everyone with a pulse is aware of how hot it is, it’s amazing how the media seems to think that nobody knows this. That’s why it’s the lead story everywhere, prompting me to wonder if nobody has criticized Rob Ford in the last seven hours for making cuts or if anyone got shot. (Those are normally the lead stories in this city.)

Hearing about how hot it is certainly doesn’t help the situation and frankly I’m tired of everyone bitching about it. Because we all know that in seven months from now everyone will complain about how cold and miserable it is.

Except me. I have central air and heat.

remember the sheraton centre cinemas

When I was living in Toronto during my six-month stint back in 1997, I would often spend my days going to the movies.  Back then, Toronto had some great cinemas and they all had more personality that today’s monster megaplexes that are nothing more than eye-sores.

I lived just south of St. Clair, and there TWO theaters (the Hollywood, a two-screen cinema part of Famous Players and the Hyland, a Cineplex Odeon twin cinema) within a five minute walk.  Both of them are gone now, becoming an office building and parking lot, respectively.  The Hyland stayed around, albeit empty, until the early 2000’s when it was finally torn down and paved over.

One theater that really stood out, but I only got to go to once, was The Sheraton 2, located inside the Sheraton Centre hotel complex. Built almost four levels down, one had to drop down below street level to buy tickets, then keep going down to get to the actual cinemas.  There were only two screens and for the most part, it looked like a typical downtown theater from the 70’s and 80’s, with dark orange and brown decor. But compared to today’s cold and unwelcoming cinemas (I’m talking to YOU, Paramout/Scotiabank Theater) it was quite cozy.

Sheraton Centre cinemas closed in October of 1997 and the only film I got to see there was the forgettable (and for the most part, awful) RocketMan. (I was trying to see at least one movie in every theater in Toronto while I was here.)  All that remains of the cinema is the large gold marquee outside on Queen Street (now advertising shopping and restaurants inside the Sheraton) and the old ticket booth, which last time I checked, was an exchange bureau. Some sites incorrectly still list the cinema as an amenity of the massive Sheraton complex, but I assure it, it’s long gone.  The cinemas themselves, located downstairs from the shopping concourse, have been converted into event space.

For a great list of past and present theaters in Toronto (as well as other cities) check out one of my favorite sites,, complied by Mike Rivest.

rob ford isn’t always to blame

I noticed when talking to colleagues and friends that Toronto mayor Rob Ford is getting a lot of flack these days because of the cuts he needs to make in order to get the city back on track. Naturally, people who don’t like Ford, his policies and his way of running things, use this as a chance to blast him over and over again.  Most recently, the announcement of cuts, buyouts and layoffs at City Hall have got people taking pop-shots at him.

Aside from all the “Slob” Ford jokes (because after all, nothing says ‘classy’ like attacking a man because of his weight) Ford Haters blame him for everything that goes wrong. But they forget why Toronto is in the situation its in: David Miller.

The seven-year long Miller administration left this city in shambles. Over-taxed and poorly run.  Very similar to how the U.S. is trying to cope with the leftovers from the Bush administration.  Obama is not a miracle worker and he is struggling to get the country back on its feet. Ford certainly has his work cut out of him too.

Miller’s need to make the city the greenest place in the world, coupled with his high taxes, bad management and over-spending is almost forgotten when people are looking for someone to point the finger at. But it shouldn’t be. Miller and his administration were heading in the wrong direction.

Greedy politicians and critics of Ford seem to think that because Toronto has so many people living in it, and it’s the top choice for business as well as media and commerce, that there is some bottomless pit where money comes from. So they lash out at the mayor when he tells everyone we have to tighten our belts.

It’s true: cuts need to be made and yes, in some cases that sucks. But if those cuts aren’t made, then the city will have to look at new ways of generating money — and that always means higher taxes.

And who do you think everyone will blame for that when it happens?

lingerie football, anyone?

I’ve been rather quiet about the whole Lingerie Football League debate since it was first announced that Toronto was getting a team.  But now, as the Triumph gear up for what I’m sure will be an exciting season of running around in satin shorts and sports bras, I have to say something.

But I should warn you. I’m of two minds on this subject.

One side of the coin looks like this. I’m glad that Toronto has a team. I’m also glad that there are women who are confident enough with the way they look and enjoy the game of football enough to make this happen. And good for Rob Ford’s niece Krista Ford being named team captain. (on a side note, if the Triumph wins the Panty Bowl — or whatever the championship game is called — do you think Rob Ford will attend the victory parade?) But the other side begs the question: why does it have to be a LINGERIE league?

Can’t women be taken seriously enough to have just a normal league where they play football and people go to the games because they want to cheer on their home team?

I guess not. Take for example, the WNBA.  The all women’s basketball league has been around since 1997 — and nobody really cares.  After all, when was the last time you heard people talking excitedly about a WNBA game or whether Toronto is going to get a team?

Problem is unless you market the team and the league players as sex symbols, it won’t work in today’s narrow minded world.

Look a women’s wrestling.  Back in the day, it would out-draw men’s wrestling. But now, thanks to the sexed up Playboy style of the WWE’s so-called women’s division, coupled with their practically non-existent outfits (very similar to the Lingerie Football League, I might add) the Divas matches are nothing more than a chance for audience members to get up and go to the bathroom.

As a woman, it’s a little disappointing that the only way an all girl’s team will be taken seriously (and by that, I mean get even a mention on TV) is if the players strip down to their bras and panties and tackle each other.

Two things I would do if I was in charge: one, change the outfits. Give them pants or at least respectable shorts. And two, change the name to Women’s Football League.

But then if that happened, would anyone be talking about it?

mayor rob ford and pride

From yesterday until this morning  it seems everyone is talking about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s decision not to march in the upcoming Pride Parade as part of Pride Toronto 2011.

Seriously. Is anyone really shocked?

Now don’t get me wrong. I like Ford and I think he’s doing a good job as mayor of our city. But this is a man who lets his brother Doug do all the talking at media scrums.  Did anyone really espect the right-wing, increasingly shy mayor to stroll down Yonge Street in some multi-colored shirt, while “YMCA” blasts in the background? (Toss in a feather boa and Elton John-stun glasses and I’d actually pay money to see that.)

Besides, it’s his choice not to march. If I was mayor — and maybe one day I will be… consider yourself warned — there are a ton of events I wouldn’t go to.  The mayor doesn’t have to show up to every thing — big or small — that happens.

The only thing that doesn’t sit well with me is the honesty factor. Back in May, Ford said he “didn’t know what his schedule will be like” — yet now we are hearing that his planned cottage trip is a long-standing Ford family tradition. How could he have not known about that? Or maybe, walking in the Pride Parade is just not his thing because he feels uncomfortable or doesn’t support the lifestyle.

Whatever the case is, I’d rather he just be honest (although I like I said, did anyone really expect him to march?) and everyone else can just move on and enjoy the weekend.

Pride Week is a huge event that pumps millions into Toronto’s economy and it showcases the diversity of the city and maybe to show people he’s not such a bad guy (as many left-wing people and the media make him out to be) he should have marched in the parade as a publicity stunt. But that would have cheapened the whole thing and people would have known it was just for show.

The real twist is that according to on-line polls, the majority of people in the city either don’t care about his decision or think he shouldn’t change his plans at all. So maybe the media should stop trying to paint Ford in a negative light again and just accept him for who he is.

For those interested, the Pride Parade happens July 3.

liza fromer back on morning TV

More TV news for ya! I was thrilled when I learned (thanks to the folks at Global Television) that Liza Fromer will be back on morning TV as part of Global’s new Morning Show program.  She will be joined by co-host Dave Gerry and Kris Reyes also formerly of Citytv who will be covering morning news.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new morning show debut here in Toronto.  The last one that made real waves was CP24 Breakfast which was lackluster to say the least during its first few months, but has since improved and become quite the show to watch — largely in part thanks to the shuffle that saw Steve Anthony become co-host.

It’s also been a while since we last saw Liza on the air — especially in the morning.  She left Citytv’s Breakfast Television five years ago when Dina took over and there were rumors flying up and down the halls (according to colleagues) that she wasn’t quite done with morning television just yet and would one day make her return.

Personally speaking, I felt that morning TV in Toronto was becoming stale again and it was time to shake things up.  Having a friendly face back on television is a welcome change. When I first moved to Toronto back in 2002, I used to watch Breakfast Television quite a bit, largely in part because of Liza who is down-to-earth and easy to relate to.

Naturally Global is promising The Morning Show will be different and “unprecedented” when it debuts.

citynews to launch news channel; ctv to launch ctv two

The summer season (filled with cast-offs, second-rate dramas and third-rate reality shows) hasn’t even begun, but major Canadian broadcasters announced yesterday the new fall line-up as well as some new networks that are coming down the pipe.

Rogers-owned Citytv announced that they will finally launch their CP24 clone called CityNews Channel that will be — as you may have guessed — exactly like CP24. There had been some rumblings about it launching a while ago, but that never got off the ground until now.

Of course, Rogers spins it differently than calling it a clone of the wildly popular CP24, but let’s be honest, after CTV and Rogers split up the once-mighty CHUM empire a few years ago, CTV (Now Bell Media) cleaned up when they acquired not only all the specialty channels like Much, Bravo and Space, they also netted CP24. If you didn’t know, CP24 is probably the most watched channel in the entire city of Toronto.  Don’t believe me? Go into any bar or restaurant that has a TV and tell me what they are showing. I can almost guarantee that at least one set somewhere in that bar is locked into CP24.

So now Rogers is banking on the fact that Toronto-folk will suddenly decide to make the switch over to CityNews Channel. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that old habits die hard – and finding a remote control in a bar is next to impossible. So I doubt that Rogers will get the numbers they are hoping for.

In case you’re planning to set your PVRs, CityNews Channel will simulcast the CityNews broadcasts, Breakfast Television and provide round-the-clock news coverage.

Bell Media, not to be outdone, is re-branding their A networks as CTV Two across the country. Not much will change and presumably most employees will keep their jobs, and the shows that the main networks didn’t want will still have a home.

I always like seeing new networks start up. It gives hard working people much needed jobs and broadens the landscape for TV viewers. I personally don’t watch a lot of television myself, but it’s still interesting to watch the ever-changing local and national media.

new toronto subway trains… finally

After strutting its stuff this weekend as part of Doors Open Toronto for the general public, the new Toronto Rocket train along with 69 of its fellow counterparts will finally enter service next month — possibly as soon as next week, I’m told.  The new Rocket was parked at Davisville Station for media to tour last week and then for everyone else over the weekend, in the same place the mock-up was parked close to FOUR YEARS AGO when the idea was first announced.

Yes, it’s taken almost half a decade to get these new trains built and delivered and finally Toronto transit users are getting to see what millions of dollars buys them.  In short,they are trains where passengers can walk from one end to the other without having to leave the train, handrails that supposedly repel germs and a whole bunch of flashy lights on the system maps inside and over the doors.

I’ll admit I’m not much of a transit user, despite having a station near my house.  I still find that the system is overcrowded and doesn’t extend to where it really needs to go. Mayor Rob Ford talks a good talk about expanding subway service to much needed areas, but really, how long will that take? And when it’s finally finished, will we be caught up to where we need to be or still behind?

rob ford: toronto’s new mayor

So Rob Ford is now mayor of Toronto and a great deal of people in the on-line world are voicing their concerns about this.

I’m glad to see Ford is getting his chance and if he keeps his promises, then Toronto could improve. Folks here in town have been taxed to death by David Miller so it was time for a change, one way or another.

And for all those who complain about Ford, he did win which means people believed in him enough to give him a shot.

I don’t agree with his idea of getting rid of the streetcars, but I for one am not going to be sad to see the vehicle registration tax done away with, as well as the land-transfer tax and hopefully (keeping my fingers crossed here) the ridiculous bag fee. I think we all agree that saving some coin is never a bad idea.

I wish Rob Ford the best of luck because he certainly has his work cut out for him and he has his share of critics he has to impress. It’s not an easy job, so we’ll see how things go.

adam giambrone should NOT be mayor!

As a journalist and a freelance writer, I try to stay non-partisan when it comes to certain things.  But with all this talk about next year’s mayoral race in Toronto, I just have to say something.

As we all know, current Toronto Mayor David Miller thankfully will not be running next year — which is probably the smartest move he’s made in the last few years.  That of course opens the flood gates for anyone with the ambition (and the money) to run for office.

adamIt would seem that Adam Giambrone, the Chairman of the Toronto Transit Commission, thinks he might make a good mayor.

And I think it would be a bad idea.  A very bad idea.

Normally I would just laugh this off.  I would hope that the people of this city would think twice about electing someone like Giambrone to be mayor of Toronto.  Sure, by comparison anyone would do a better job than the mess the city is in because of David Miller.  But sometimes “anyone” is not the answer.

Just look at the TTC these days.  Look at all the problems we have had in this city with transit over the last few years — or better yet, since Adam Giambrone has been chairman.  Problem after problem.  Labor disputes, service interruptions, countless dollars being wasted, fare hikes… the list goes on and on.  In my honest opinion, he is not qualified to be the Chairman of the TTC and he is CERTAINLY not qualified to be mayor of Toronto.

As a human being, I can’t say what kind of person Adam Giambrone is. I’m sure he’s a really nice guy. But as a Chairman of the largest transit company in the country and one of the most important departments of this city, he’s not the man for the job.

fanboys movie now playing in canada!

fanboysAfter what seemed like forever, Fanboys has finally opened in Toronto (as well as two other cities in Canada).  And as luck would have it, it’s playing right downtown and I’m going to see it… tomorrow.

Yeah, I know.  You would think that after all the hype I’ve put on it I would have been the first in line on Friday when it opened, but in all honesty I only found out about it on Saturday and I was already knee-deep into my day. (And thank you to the nearly two dozen people who emailed me over the last couple days to tell me the movie was finally in Toronto. I really should make more use of my “Movie Showtimes” feature on my Samsung Instinct)

So before I hunker down to enjoy Wrestlemania XXV Sunday evening, I’ll spend the morning watching a movie that I’ve waited almost two years to see.

It’s about freakin’ time!

Folks in Montreal can see the movie at AMC Forum 22, while those in Vancouver can see it at Cinemark Tinseltown on Pender Street. Toronto, of course, has it playing at the AMC Dundas Square.

the girl is back in town

Back in Toronto after a fun-filled weekend in Buffalo.  Yeah, I know some people have a hard time imagining that, but it’s true.  Some times it’s nice just to get away.  And this was one of those weekends.

I did some shopping – which I equate to doing my part to help stimulate the economy – and relaxed for three days.  Honestly, the grind of living in Toronto gets to me.  Be it the career, the people, the daily stress. Whatever you want to call it. (And I know you get that in any town.) It’s a great city, but I feel the need to get away every once in a while.

And is it wrong that I’m already planning my next weekend getaway?  Actually, I’m planning two of them.  One to Buffalo (probably towards the end of April) and another little excursion that I’ll fill in the details in the next week or so.

So no sooner than I unpack my bags, I’m already thinking about what I’ll be putting in them next time.