Stephanie Plum

the stephanie plum movie is coming!

My mother and I are both big fans of Janet Evanovich‘s Stephanie Plum novels.  I’ve been reading them for years now and always wondered if and when they would become movies. It seems the wait is finally over.

On January 27, the first novel One For the Money becomes a major motion picture, starring Katherine Hegil in the role of Stephanie Plum.

I’ve seen the trailer and some screen captures and I gotta admit, Heigl does kind of  look like how I imagine Plum to look.  And considering Sandra Bullock was long rumored to be the producer and actress in the film series, I think we got off easy on this one.

But there are a few concerns before I rush down the ol’ multiplex: a lot of studios release duds in January because award season and holiday seasons have passed. Could One For the Money be a January pass-over?

And Katherine Heigl isn’t a very bankable actress.  The majority of her movies, with the exception of Knocked Up,  have either been major bombs and/or ravaged by critics.

Still, I’m hoping it does well and most importantly, it’s watchable. From the trailer, the expected gags and “nice ass” jokes are there, so it remains to be seen if there’s any substance behind it.