fanboys movie was worth the wait

After years of waiting, I finally got to see Fanboys this past weekend.  And you know what? It was totally worth it.

What made the movie good?  The fact that it wasn’t bad, if that makes any sense.  There can be a lot of hype around a film, but then that movie can fail to deliver when the time comes.  With Fanboys, there was no disappointment.

I was pleased to see they kept the original story-line as there was some talk about changing it to make it more appealing to mass audiences.  And the addition of a Zoey geek character (although according to the credits she spells her name without the Y) made the movie that much better.

Honestly,  Fanboys is one of the best comedies of the last ten years.  The characters are real, the jokes are in all the right places and even though some of the best gags were already spoiled in the trailer (isn’t that always the case?) the movie still made me laugh from beginning to end.

And the cameos? Well, let’s just say that only adds to the already near-perfect movie.  Without any hesitation, I can highly recommend this film not only to Star Wars fans, but to anyone who needs that movie-experience escape

fanboys movie now playing in canada!

fanboysAfter what seemed like forever, Fanboys has finally opened in Toronto (as well as two other cities in Canada).  And as luck would have it, it’s playing right downtown and I’m going to see it… tomorrow.

Yeah, I know.  You would think that after all the hype I’ve put on it I would have been the first in line on Friday when it opened, but in all honesty I only found out about it on Saturday and I was already knee-deep into my day. (And thank you to the nearly two dozen people who emailed me over the last couple days to tell me the movie was finally in Toronto. I really should make more use of my “Movie Showtimes” feature on my Samsung Instinct)

So before I hunker down to enjoy Wrestlemania XXV Sunday evening, I’ll spend the morning watching a movie that I’ve waited almost two years to see.

It’s about freakin’ time!

Folks in Montreal can see the movie at AMC Forum 22, while those in Vancouver can see it at Cinemark Tinseltown on Pender Street. Toronto, of course, has it playing at the AMC Dundas Square.

watchmen was great

Despite a rather large turnout, we managed to get in to see the midnight screening of Watchmen last night.  And we had excellent seats. (Always a bonus when seeing a movie in a crowded theater.)


I personally loved it. Certain scenes were shot-for-shot right out of the comic itself.  But I’m someone who has read the graphic novel and has been a fan of the series, so for me it was what I expected it to be.  But to someone who has never heard of the Watchmen and figured they will see the movie for fun, that’s a different story.


I hate to side with critics out there, but if you haven’t read the graphic novel or aren’t an open minded geek, you will most likely be either bored or confused or both.  That of course will probably hurt the film’s chances of getting the mainstream recognition it deserves.


Visually, the film is a masterpiece.  Story-wise, it’s dead-on — and that’s only with the theatrical release.  Warner Bros is already planning a 191 minute director’s cut for release some time in July.


Now I can just enjoy the rest of my Friday — which had a rough start on account of only getting a few hours sleep after getting home at 3-something in the morning.  (A nearly three hour movie will have that effect on people.)

But since the weather is nice, I might as well make the most of it.

(Photos courtesy of Warner Bros.)

watchmen midnight screening

watchmenA few of us have decided to do the “comic book movie thing” and see a midnight screening of Watchmen tonight. (Most comic book movies have midnight screenings the day before they open.)  I was offered the chance to see a pre-screening of it through some colleagues of mine, but I passed.  Something like this is meant to be seen on the big screen with fans who really appreciate it.

For those who don’t know, Watchmen is based on the best selling, most critically acclaimed graphic novel of all time.  And yes, it’s a superhero movie.  It’s set in an alternate 1985 and from the looks of things, is going to be awesome.

I’ve been waiting for years for this movie — there has been a lot of behind the scenes hassle to get it made to the point when everyone wondered if it would ever get done — but finally I get to see the comic come to life.

fanboys movie in toronto? don’t hold your breath

fanboysThere’s one movie I’ve been eagerly awaiting for the past two years and that’s Fanboys.  The story of a group of friends who desperately want to see Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace before it opens. (Apparently they had no clue who Jar Jar Binks was at this point.)

The film grabbed my attention when both my sister and a friend’s brother showed me the trailer, knowing my full-on love for all things Star Wars. (Really, watch it right now and tell me you don’t want to see this movie.)  I was hooked and practically camped out in front of my local cinema awaiting the release.

Well, weeks became months and months became years – but finally Fanboys got its release.  And guess what? It’s not playing in Toronto.  Hell, it’s not even playing in Canada.

It’s playing at “select cinemas” in a “limited release” with more screens being added as the weeks go on.  But still, the biggest city in Canada ends up with squat? That doesn’t seem fair to me.  Russia, Iceland and Singapore of all places have releases lined up, but nothing here yet.  And what really pisses me off is the fact that there’s a big enough fan base here of people who want to see the movie.

At this point I might as well just wait for the Blu-Ray.

But I shouldn’t have to.  I’ve waited for two years for this movie.  And now I’m told that I have to email the Weinstein Company and suggest that the film be released here?  There was a tease that Toronto was on the February 20th release list, but it turned out to be false.  In fact, one of the film’s writers saw my Twitter posting and emailed me to ask where I heard that.  Again, it was confirmed to be nothing more than a rumor.

So I sit and wait for Toronto finally get a Fanboys screening. Or at least one to come to Buffalo or a nearby city.  I’ve waited this long, what’s another few months?